Hyatt Diamond Status For The Lifetime Of The Card Honored


Last Thursday, I wrote a piece about an offer that Hyatt had emailed to some Diamond members offering “permanent” Diamond status for the duration of holding the Chase affiliated credit card (read more here).


On Friday, Hyatt claimed that it was an error and gave very non-committal answer how the situation would be handled (read more here).

LoyaltyLobby reader that received the offer email from Hyatt and is also a Diamond member, received a call from Hyatt Gold Passport today. Hyatt had informed him that they are honoring the deal on case by case basis and that the offer that was extended to him would be honored.

I just got a call from Hyatt GP on my case about the CC application.  They are honoring the Diamond level for as long as the card is held on a case by case basis and I was accepted.  I am a diamond and got the offer and signed up before they sent the retraction.  My card is on its way.


This was the right thing for Hyatt to do. I am still not 100% convinced that this was an “error”. This was targeted for those members that already have the Diamond status with the Gold Passport program.

Maybe they made a very targeted offer that thought wouldn’t get the publicity it did?

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