Shower Service On Qatar Airways Flights?


LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a link to a news paper article on a Vietnamese website regarding an unfortunate incident on a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Ho Chi Minh City.


Apparently, one Polish passenger had gotten himself so drunk that he had mistakenly peed on a lady sitting next to him. He thought that she was a toilet? You can access the article here.


You do sometimes see passengers having maybe one (or more) too many drink(s) on a longer flights and most of the airlines tend to be very liberal with serving alcohol. Seems that in this instance they did allow this “gentleman” to have way too many drinks.


I have have had showers onboard the Emirates A380 that is the only airline providing the “proper” shower service.

Not sure, how much this Polish guy had promised to pay the lady for not filing charges against him. Hopefully he handles his drinking better in the future.

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