United Cuts Pretzels From International Flights In Economy & BOB Expands


The airline that is known for “Friendly Skies” and their latest flyerfriendly-campaign is making the long flights in economy slightly more intolerable by cutting the pretzels altogether and introducing BOB (Buy-On-Board) on more flights.


United is now cutting the pretzels that normally get served with the beverage altogether and replaces them with nothing. Flights to Central and South America except Brazil and Argentina will go from complimentary food to BOB.

United flight attendant leaked an internal email about these changes to FlyerTalk that you can access here.


I think that removing food from more flights and the pretzels from all international flights in economy only makes the service difference between the United and foreign airlines even more greater.

It makes very difficult to choose United over Avianca or Copa, if you care about the service at all, for flights to Central and South America.

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