Expedia Best Price Guarantee: Case Orbitz Lower By $1-$2 (3 Times)


Earlier in the year, I wrote about my Best Price Guarantee (BPG) experience with matching Bookig.com’s price that was about 20 cents lower than Expedia’s (read it here). I also managed to take a photo of the invoice that showed the Expedia’s margin (read more here).


I decided to go for Expedia Elite Plus-status and needed some more stays. I was in Phuket and was able to locate a Tune Hotel (read my review of the Bangkok property here) at a very reasonable price that was around $25 on Expedia.

Expedia recently changed their BPG guarantee (read more here). Now you cannot just make a reservation, get the BPG coupon, cancel the reservation and use the coupon.

Orbitz always had the same property for $1 to $2 less and I decided to put the BPG to test again.

Expedia’s Quote:


Orbitz’s Quote


BPG Turnaround Times:

Claim 1: 9 minutes

Claim 2: 21 minutes

Claim 3: 6 minutes

All these claimed were approved.

Seems that Expedia has adequately staffed their BPG department, so that they can timely process the claims. Getting BPG approved in 6 minutes is really fast.

So, I stayed at the Tune Phuket for three nights. The $20 or so isa  fair price for the property and the $50 Expedia BPG coupon that I can use later was icing on the cake.


Expedia’s BPG seems to be working just well. Obviously, I don’t like the fact that you now have to wait 6-8 weeks for the $50 BPG coupon to deposited to your account.

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