Whine Wednesdays: Bedroom & Bathroom Set Up


There seems to be a trend with new hotels to make the bedroom / bathroom both feel more spacious than they really are by having an “open” concept.


But if you are traveling with someone else, do you really want to hear them taking a dump at the bathroom or smell the possible aroma emitting from the toilet?


I am used to these, as we call them, show showers, where you can watch, if you so wish, your partner showering.

Now, the hotels seems to be experimenting with this open bathroom concept, too.

I just spent couple of nights last weekend at the new Hotel Indigo, part of IHG, on Hong Kong island.

There were no separation with bedroom and bathroom at all.

The doors to the toilet and shower were both frameless at the top. This setup was just disastrous and, whoever designed it, shouldn’t be working planning hotel rooms.


The bathrooms in new hotels have been expanding size wise a lot lately. I would rather have larger room itself and totally separate bathroom with doors.

I do get it why some hotels want to have this set up. It makes the room feel more spacious than it really is, but it only works if you are just traveling by yourself or don’t care about privacy.