Change: “Accor Platinum Sign Ups By Request”-Gone For Now


For the past 12 months, I have been able to offer private Le Club Accorhotels Platinum sign up links for LoyaltyLobby readers by email, Twitter DM’s and Facebook private messages (read more here), but not any more.


When I sent the working sign up link, the message always contained the following text:

Please do not share this link by email, on any website or social network.

Most of the recipient honored this request. Recently, however, these private sign up links made their way to blogs and public forums very fast making offering this service useless.

LoyaltyLobby will likely going to have public sign up links once in a while, but not as often as in the past. I am also trying to figure out a better way to offer Platinum status for those that REALLY need it without jeopardizing the sign up offer.


Unfortunately, there is no other way to deal with this issue right now. Stay tuned. I will make an announcement, if LoyaltyLobby can continue offering this service in some other way.

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  1. You could use encrypted one-time links. Or maybe automate a sign-up through the private link on a specific name.
    So you don’t make the link public, but a private one-time link for signing up directly…. Without making the link public.

    I’ve got some experience with the last option. You can contact me if you wish any help with that.

    • It’s a good idea, however since the link is likely to a page hosted by Accor, you’d have to cloak the one-time link. And even then the destination of the form could trivially be decrypted.

      • Well, the encrypted one-time links is correct. Although I think it’ll be more safe than it is now.

        That’s why I actually suggest a sign-up script directly on loyaltylobby. In this case the link will be safe as all the communication with Accor website would be server-side.

  2. I have heard that Accor is cleaning these codes and soon its database to keep only real stayers and loyal customers

    • I just would like to say thank you to Accor – and loyaltylobby – for providing platinum benefits at Sofitel So Bangkok, which is a wonderful place where to stay.
      I just hope they will provide upgrade to platinum status in december, as I intend to stay there again in march … And my status ends in feb.

        • Hi!

          I stayed only 31 night last year, dropped down to Gold on January 1st, but was reinstated to Platinum within one day after I had requested for it by email. However, they mentioned that they do it only once per account and it would have made sense for me to wait and ask for it just before my next stay, as the Platinum renewal is valid for 12 months from the upgrade. Hope this info is helpful for others in a similar situation!

  3. It really is a shame that the ungrateful have foiled this by sharing link to general public. I guess I will never have Platinum again at Accor but there program is not very good besides using to get other status matches. I will not use Accor again even if have stayed in past they have very few worthwhile promotions. The customer service set-up is made to make it as difficult as possible to contact them by email. One must always go through the website query form even to reply to their reply!

    • Personally, I could never have Le Club Accorhotels as my primary program. They do, however, have quite strong line up on the lower end and the spiced up benefits at Sofitel could make staying at them once in a while worthwhile for me as I like trying out hotels that I have not previously been to.

  4. Yes mine status was terminated too. They say im getting it fr public forum.. but i have stayed so many nights (58 days in 2013 ) with accor and they dont appreciate at all.. they rather give free platinum to thier partner which they might dont even stay in thier property.

    Im also will not support them again !

  5. That is disappointing to hear. I benefited from a private link sent to me when I was about to embark on a host of Accor stays, and it came in very handy. There will always be people who abuse good forums such as this one.

  6. There are always people who will abuse a privilege……
    Le Club Accor Platinum is now a valuable asset to have as it now gives room upgrade and Club Lounge access at Sofitels. Sofitel Club Lounges are far superior in my opinion to those of Marriott or Hilton.
    Last week at the Sofitel in Manila and was upgraded to a very comfortable Club Luxury room with Lounge access. Even better they gave me a choice of complimentary breakfast at the Lounge or the fabulous full-buffet breakfast at their Spiral restaurant (usually $25 a head). Extremely good for around $150 a night tax included.

    • Agree Chris, I was at Manila’s Sofitel twice in the last month and a half — the Spiral is really amazing. First time I got upgraded to Luxury room with in-room presents, second time I was on Executive floor … but no presents … until the last day when someone knocked at the door and provided a bottle of local Mango Rum 🙂

  7. Shame, really. John, I’d like to thank you, also on behalf of my partner who had got her link through you. We thoroughly enjoyed the recent upgrade to a suite at a Sofitel! Keep up the good work with your fantastic blog and don’t let a few asinine people slow down your enthusiasm.

  8. WHY?? Is there something in people that they feel the need to ruin a good thing?

    I was lucky enough to receive the link when active, and it led to a lovely room at the Novotel at the Milan airport, along with a free drink for both my husband and myself with dinner. The best part was the fluffy robe, after a long afternoon on the train from Vicenza!

  9. John, many thanks for providing such a great offer and I’m sorry some have ruined it. I have enjoyed my Plat status with Accor, thanks to you.

  10. What a real drag! I had just asked John for the link and he had just sent it to me. So that takes care of that, I guess. And I was planning to use the status a lot for travel in the coming months. If anyone else can help out, it would be much appreciated! Thanks again anyway, John.

  11. Today i get a surprise email from the customer service , saying they let me use my platinum account again for being a “good” customer ? … this is after i send more than 10 harsh email (IN 2 WEEKS) to complain and protest !

  12. I’m the biggest sucker, I did get my link, but was waiting a bit before using it to open another account “for safety”, as my account will expire end of February, and I will travel extensively next year. In the end I waited too much, I run to apply as soon as I saw this article, but it was too late.
    The dilemma remains: Should I continue going to crap Mercure hotels to make up nights count, while getting pretty much nothing, in the hope that it will help renew it. Or just go when it’s a Sofitel or Pullman and go for my IHG points harvesting in other cases.

  13. Ohh, this is bad news, just requested the link but didn’t sign up yet due to travelling. Why would people do that? Sigh 🙁

  14. Bad news, this isn’t happening! However, I’d like to say “thank you” to loyaltylobby for sharing sign up links before, so I had a great experience during my trip.

  15. Hi John

    Suddenly im able to access to my Platinum account again.. but i have not get any email from any Accor customer service regarding unblock of my account. Mayb they already hate me after i sent many harst email before this . But anyway Im happy now lol..

  16. Very disappointing news. It’s really bad that some people don’t know how to expect the rules and destroy the chance of the others. Thank you Loyaltylobby anyway for providing the links on the previous months!

  17. I benefited from this sign up about 12 months ago. I never said thanks. I appreciate it John! I travel around China a lot and have found this so valuable. I was hoping to refer a work colleague, but it seems to have come and gone. Thanks for your hard work. Love the blog!


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