IHG Rewards Club Greater China Bonus Points Packages (November 1 – January 31, 2014)


IHG Rewards Club has number of packages for 1,000 to 5,000 bonus points per stay available for their Greater China properties between November 1, 2013, and January 31, 2014.


Note that this requires you to usually purchase a higher rate than the lowest one available and it rarely makes sense from financial point of of view. If someone else is picking up the tap, then maybe.

You can access this offer on IHG’s website here.

Here’s the list of participating properties:

1,000 Bonus Point Package per stay

  • IntercontinentalOne Thousand Island Lake Resort
  • IntercontinentalResort Jiuzhai Paradise
  • Crowne Plaza Chongqing Riverside
  • Crowne Plaza Guangzhou Science City
  • Crowne Plaza Hailing Island
  • Crowne Plaza Lanzhou
  • Crowne Plaza Nanjing Jiangning
  • Crowne Plaza Shanghai Pudong
  • Crowne Plaza Tianjin Jinnan
  • Crowne Plaza Xian
  • Crowne Plaza Xiangyang
  • Crowne Plaza Yantai Sea View
  • Crowne Plaza Yichang
  • Crowne Plaza Zhongshan Xiaolan
  • Hotel Indigo Xiamen Harbour
  • Holiday Inn Beijing Deshengmen
  • Holiday Inn Beijing Focus Square
  • Holiday Inn Beijing Haidian
  • Holiday Inn Changbaishan
  • Holiday Inn Changbaishan Suites
  • Holiday Inn Hangzhou Thousand Island Lake
  • Holiday Inn Jiuzhai Jarpo
  • Holiday Inn Mudanjiang

1,000 Bonus Point Package per stay

  • Crowne Plaza Paragon Xiamen
  • Crowne Plaza Shanghai Harbour City
  • Crowne Plaza Zhanjiang
  • Hotel Indigo Tianjin Haihe

2,000 Bonus Point Package per stay

  • InterContinental Beijing Financial Street
  • InterContinental Chongqing
  • InterContinental Dalian
  • interContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong
  • InterContinental Hangzhou
  • Intercontinental Hong Kong
  • intercontinental Huizhou Resort
  • Intercontinental Kunming

3,000 Bonus Point Package per stay

  • Hotel Indigo Shanghai on the Bund
  • Holiday Inn Beijing Yanqing Resort
  • Holiday Inn Chengdu Century City-Easttower
  • Holiday Inn Chengdu Century City-Westtower
  • Holiday Inn Hong Kong-Golden Mile
  • Holiday Inn Jasmine Suzhou
  • Holiday Inn Qingdao City Center
  • Holiday Inn Shanghai Songjiang
  • Holiday Inn Shanghai Vista
  • Holiday Inn Youlian Suzhou
  • Holiday Inn Express Causeway Bay Hong Kong
  • Holiday Inn Express Hong Kong Kowloon East

4,000 Bonus Point Package per stay

  • Intercontinental Century City Chengdu
  • Intercontinental Chengdu Global Centre
  • Intercontinental Foshan
  • Intercontinental Heilong Lake
  • Intercontinental Shanghai Expo
  • Intercontinental Shanghai Pudong
  • Intercontinental Suzhou
  • Intercontinental Wuxi

5,000 Bonus Point Package per stay

  • Crowne Plaza Beijing Sun Palace
  • Crowne Plaza Beijing Zhongguancun
  • Crowne Plaza Chengdu Panda Garden
  • Crowne Plaza Foshan
  • Crowne Plaza Guangzhou City Centre
  • Crowne Plaza Jinan
  • Crowne Plaza Kaohsiung E-Da World
  • Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre
  • Crowne Plaza Yangzhou
  • Hotel Indigo Hong Kong Island

5,000 Bonus Point Package per stay + Breakfast each day

  • Crowne Plaza International Airport Beijing
  • Crowne Plaza Shanghai Xiayang Lake
  • Holiday Inn Shenzhen Donghua

2,000 Bonus Point Package for any 2 consecutive nights stay

  • Crowne Plaza Beijing Wangfujing
  • Crowne Plaza Century Park Shanghai
  • Crowne Plaza Chengdu City Center
  • Crowne Plaza Dandong
  • Crowne Plaza Guangzhou Huadu
  • Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Causeway Bay
  • Crowne Plaza Huangshan Yucheng
  • Crowne Plaza Maanshan
  • Crowne Plaza Qingdao
  • Crowne Plaza Shanghai Fudan
  • Crowne Plaza Shenyang Zhongshan
  • Holiday Inn Beijing Chang An West
  • Holiday Inn Central Plaza Beijing
  • Holiday Inn Chengdu Oriental Plaza
  • Holiday Inn Nanjing Aqua City
  • Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao
  • Holiday Inn Shaoxing
  • Holiday Inn Shenyang Zhongshan
  • Holiday Inn Shifu Guangzhou
  • Holiday Inn Temple of Heaven Beijing
  • Holiday Inn Tianjin Riverside
  • Holiday Inn Express Beijing Temple of Heaven
  • Holiday Inn Express Beijing Wangjing
  • Holiday Inn Express Hong Kong Soho
  • Holiday Inn Express Shanghai Meilong
  • Holiday Inn Express Shanghai Putuo
  • Holiday Inn Express Shanghai Zhabei
  • Holiday Inn Express Taichung Park
  • Holiday Inn Express Tianjin Binhai
  • Holiday Inn Express Tianjin Dongli
  • Holiday Inn Express Yangzhou City Center


You have to calculate, if the extra points in lieu of lower price, makes sense. Most of the time the answer is definite no.