Iberia Plus Partner Promotion: 15,000 Bonus Avios For 10 Partners + 15 Free Avios Per Day


Iberia Plus partner promotion has returned. You can earn 15,000 bonus Avios for having transactions with 10 partners by January 31, 2014.


You can also earn 15 free Avios per day by sharing this Iberia’s promotion daily on your Facebook (think your friends as well – well they maybe former friends by the end of January) or Twitter.

You can access Iberia Plus web page for this promotion here.


You can use the website to do a plan for you to make sure that you hit the number of partners goal.


You have to make sure that you do transactions with 10 different partners to get the 15,000 bonus Avios prize.


There are quite a few partners that you can access on Iberia’s website as well. This is not that difficult to achieve if you are based in Spain.


If you stay a lot at hotels, it is easy to pick up five to six partners over the two month period this promotion runs. You do need to get the 10 partners in to get the 15,000 Avis, however.

You can earn close to 1,000 Avios just by sharing the “Partners Gym” daily on your Facebook page or Twitter feed.

I have to give Iberia Plus a credit having make this promotion look interesting with this neat microwebsite.

Here are the terms and conditions of this promotion:

Registration in the microsite is required to benefit from the promotion.

Promotion valid for Avios earning and purchase, gift or transference by the Iberia Plus cardholder between 1 December, 2013 and 31 January, 2014, both inclusive.

Only valid for transactions with participating Partners during the validity period of the promotion and included in the files received from the Partners by Iberia Plus.

Participating Partners are only non-airline Partners (check list) and are subject to change.

Only 15 Avios maximum/day will be credited for sharing with a friend. Sharing can be done every day of the promotion. These Avios will be credited weekly.

Promotional Avios will be credited two months after the promotion period is finished .

Crediting of Avios from Pedro del Hierro and Cortefiel will count as one partner, as they are under the same “Business Unit”