Whine Wednesdays: Passport Copies


How many lodging establishments have taken a photocopy of your passport’s info page for immigration or whatever purposes?


Some hotels especially in Dubai take a scan of your passport’s info page and store it in their system (who knows for how long) or they scan the barcode from your passport or ID card that contain most of the same information.


But I hate when some hotels take photocopies of your passport’s info page and just leave them laying around in the front desk. I would imagine that they are as carelessly taken care of later.


When I was checking out from the Holiday Inn Express in Bangkok (gotta work the IHG promotions) yesterday, I couldn’t again miss the fact that they had these all over in the front desk area.


Often hotels claim that they need to take copies of your information for “immigration” purposes. This might be true in some countries, but not in others.

I would like to see hotel chains making clear instructions for hotels:

1. How to securely store this information

2. For how long

3. To ensure that they are disposed properly

Having these laying around in the front desk area is very unprofessional.

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