Reader Question: Is SPG Ambassador Worth Extra 9 Nights?


This is not actually a reader question, but a question from a friend of mine via Facebook chat with whom I went to the grad school with few years ago.


I had no idea that he had had so many stays with the Starwood. As a matter of fact, he didn’t even have status with SPG, when we were at the W South Beach last time.

What is the SPG Ambassador good for?

SPG Ambassador Program In-Room Advertising Video (My take about this program on April 1st – Read it and weep)

That is actually a very good question. I was Ambassador managed Platinum member the other year and didn’t think too much of the service. I ordered a birthday cake once and, on other occasion, requested super early check in. The Ambassador was able to get me some extra Starpoints for service issues with couple of properties.

It could be worthwhile if you have lot of special requests and you manage to get a competent Ambassador.

So, I asked from a friend, if he often uses the Platinum concierge?

“I never use concierge. Or are they just a glorified concierge? I never used the plt concierge. What would I use them for? “

I told him that they are more empowered than the regular Platinum concierge, but that the expectations should be kept in check:

“Ya but what does that mean? Is it any good will it get me anything special? Ya I got the your 24 but they won’t let me use it unless I request it 2 days ahead so it’s bullshit”


If I would be within nine nights of getting an Ambassador, I would do it. My friend, who doesn’t even use the Platinum concierge, wouldn’t necessarily get anything out from the service, however.

The whole Ambassador program is one of those SPG initiatives that is way overhyped compared to actual service delivery.