American Airlines AAdvantage Eshopping Holiday Offer: 3,000 Bonus Miles For $250 Spend


American Airlines AAdvantage eShopping is offering 3,000 bonus miles for spending $250 on their online shopping portal between December 8 to 22, 2013.


You can earn 1,000 bonus miles for $75 spend or 2,000 bonus miles for $150 spend or 3,000 bonus miles for $250 spend. In other words, you earn an additional 10 miles per USD for purchases made via the AAdvantage eShopping portal during the promotional period.

There doesn’t seem to be a requirement to register for this promotion, but you can access it on AA’s web page here.


There has been some very good offers from the company behind the AA’s eshopping portal, but not everybody is very satisfied with the company behind it (Cartera). I just had my 2,000 bonus miles posted for the campaign they had past in September (read more here):

AADVANTAGE ESHOPPING SOLO BONUS – SPEND $35 AND EARN 2000 BONUS MILES 11/24/2013 11/24/2013 $0.00 2,000

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

From 12/08/13 through 12/22/13 11:59 PM EST receive a one-time additional bonus of up to 3,000 miles when you spend a cumulative amount of $250 or more with the AAdvantage eShoppingsm mall. Spend a cumulative amount of $75-149.99 to earn 1,000 miles; spend a cumulative amount of $150 – $249.99 to earn 2,000 bonus miles; or spend a cumulative amount of $250 or more to earn 3,000 bonus miles. Purchases made at through the AAdvantage eShopping mall, returns, shipping, taxes, gift card purchases, and certain products are not eligible for bonus; please see site for coupon code or usage restrictions. Please allow 8-10 weeks from end of promotional period for bonus miles to post to your account. Void where prohibited by law.

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  1. did anyone successfully ordered on for the 60 miles/dollar? My multiple attempted were all failed. That stupid website system just kept canceling all the orders.

    • I bought 2 magazine subscriptions for family for Christmas. I paid $38.90 on 11/27 and it took about 7 days for it to show up as confirmed 2,334 miles. However, here is my grip: I spent $250 from a variety of merchants and the purchase I made at Walmart still has not posted (but I have my merchandise). Without that one Walmart purchase I will miss out on the 2,500 bonus miles…so I’m a little mifted now.

  2. I ordered one subscription as a gift for $22.50 and it is pending as 1350 miles. The 2,000 for $35 spend promotion also appeared on 11/24.

  3. Their customer service is horrible. I made the mistake of not being exactly sure if I started on the AA account of myself or my husband. I made the $250 spend on one account and planned to do the second transaction on the other account, and then get the 6K bonus and almost 2400 bonus for the spend (merchandise we planned on spending on anyway). My husband confused things and signed up an account with the vendor, thus, getting a confirmation email to his address (even though I’m certain I started through my AA account).

    Emailing them 6 times (to find which account the 1st bonus was attributed to) and still haven’t heard back in 4 days. I want to proceed with the 2nd transaction but can’t now.

    So frustrating…..


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