IHG Rewards Club Overlapping Stay Posting Problems


A friend, who I managed to get to join IHG Rewards Club, was very confused about all the postings on his account and especially stays that were marked as “Overlapping”.


Normally, an “overlapping” stay means that you have been a registered guest and paid for more than one room at the same or different hotel.

There are many legitimate reasons why this may happen:

1. You want late check out and pay for the following day as well and check in to the next hotel late at night/the following morning. You have paid for more than one hotel for the specific night in question.

2. You are registered guest and have paid for more than one room at the same hotel.

But the problem is that none of these apply for the current “overlapping” stay posting problems with the IHG that has been happening for me as well.


There is no downside for the problem besides it makes following with your account more difficult. One of the (not really) overlapping stays us a qualifying one and triggers all the bonuses while the other one just sits there with lots of zeroes and non-qualifying night.


As long as the points post fine and one of the “overlapping” stays does show the night(s) as qualifying, there is nothing to worry about this latest IHG Rewards Club snafu. I have no idea, what has started to trigger it a lot lately.

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