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LoyaltyLobby reader from the UK had a less than stellar stay at the Radisson Blu hotel in Dubrovnik while celebrating silver wedding anniversary. Stay at the Hilton Dubrovnik had been good.


Here’s copy of the email to the property:

My wife and I recently stayed in the Radisson Dubrovnik hotel for our silver wedding anniversary, and have to say that we were disappointed in the hotel in several respects.

Firstly it seemed to us that a few (not all) of the hotel staff we came across were slightly desultory in their attitude towards us as guests, which is not what we really expected in a 5 star hotel. Maybe they have had a long tiring season and were suffering from “guest fatigue”, but it was quite a  contrast to the staff at the Dubrovnik Hilton, where we stayed immediately beforehand, who were completely professional.

I was very disappointed (and annoyed) that the Club Lounge and Roof Terrace had closed, as it was apparently out of season. This was surprising, as low season doesn’t commence until 1 November according to your own published rack rates. I would have liked to have at least the opportunity of using those facilities, even if it meant paying. Only in the previous week (w/c 16th Sept) your website was extolling the delights of these facilities, with NO mention that they were about to close.

Obviously the location of the hotel means that guests without access to a car are a captive audience for the bar and restaurants, and I felt that the Radisson grossly exploited this fact by over-charging for drink and food on site. By example, the cheapest bottle of wine anywhere was 240Kn for an unremarkable local red, and a 150ml glass of reasonable but not outstanding Procip 85Kn . This is extortionate, as was beer, tonic water, fish etc etc. I also felt we were discouraged from leaving the hotel (obviously walking anywhere at night on the main road would be too dangerous) when we were quoted 200Kn to get to nearby Zatan by taxi in the evening – it’s about 3km away!

Our room (634) was lovely looking (apart from the view of a chimney), but a triumph of style over function. There was no single thing which made the room unacceptable, but a long list of minor points which combined made it seriously annoying, including:

  • Glass wall to bathroom, meaning anyone visiting it in the middle of the night and switching the lights on, flooded the bedroom with light (even with blinds drawn)
  • Insufficient flat space for storing clothes (t-shirts etc). The limited, space was only practically accessible from the bathroom, which is stupid
  • Safe in bathroom (!)
  • Vanity mirror and hair dryer in bathroom, meaning it was not possible for one person to shower immediately before the next,  as it steamed up the mirror for them
  • All drawers were crazily located behind cupboard doors
  • No alternative pillow types available to the “go flat” ones – you get more selection in a 3* Holiday Inn
  • Useless flat sink which didn’t drain properly leaving shaving/teeth cleaning detritus to be cleaned out with difficulty
  • Barely functional air conditioning – we had the set point readjusted after the first night which improved things, but not by much, and were told that was as good as it gets

Finally I am a Club Carlsson Gold member, and at no point did I feel this was recognised  other than by extra points after checking out – not even a chocolate or a piece of fruit for the entire 5 nights we were there .

If I come to Dubrovnik again I would have serious issues about staying the Radisson again, which is very disappointing.

Here’s response from the General Manager:

Thank you for your email, I am sorry I have not replied earlier I have been away on business and then R&R. I would like to apologies for the negative experience during your stay with us.

I have checked with various departments , as a Club member you should naturally receive a fruit plate upon arrive to the Hotel. Sadly this was placed into your room the day of arriving but at the last moment the team move you to another room which was ready first, the team had a miscommunication and the amenities was not moved to your new room.

In regards to the Club Floor as you may not be aware on the and web site it does outlined that we closed the club floor on the 20th Sep, I agree that on our rate sheet it does reflect the lower rates as of 1st Nov.

We do as I am sure you are aware offer 5 transfer to the old city per day and one boat, this is only 5 Euro p.p for the bus, we do also work with a third party travel company on site who do run a internal taxi service which is normally a 500SL Mercedes with driver to the city the rate to the city or Zaton is 200 KH. As reception had outlined being outside the city center local taxis do charge all guest for a trip both way even if it one way and the meter is running.

The price at the resort are set for two period of the year we do have summer prices and winter prices for the bars and restaurants winter starting 1st Nov, as a five star hotel we bench mark our prices in line with market set in Dubrovnik and find that we compare well within our set. During the year we try and give the guest a choice to dining experiences in various outlets which suit all taste and budgets, as you know during this period we did have the following open

La pasta




Maraska Bar


I would like to apologies for the negative experience you had from some of our staff members in regards to attitude, Normally I am happy to say that we do receive many positive comments on the team, how friendly and helpful they have been. I have meet with the team and our H.R manager to re focus the team energy on guest skills and to conduct more training on the matter.

In closing I would like to thank you for your important feedback, we strive daily to deliver a five star experience for all guests. I would like to invite you back as my guest for one complimentary night with a upgraded to a Jr Exec for all nights of the booking to experience our normal high levels of service, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly to make the booking or if you have questions.

I replied to the reader that she should have asked enough points for a free night at the same category property.


I really should pay a visit to this area of Europe in 2014. Could tick off quite a few countries from my non-visited countries list and I have visited the countries around the Balkans.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of resorts that are difficult locations due to the fact that you usually end up paying a lot for both F&B and transportation.

The response from the General Manager was detailed and the offer of a free night on subsequent stay is standard. I wold have tried and pushed for enough points for a free night at the same category Club Carlson property.

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