Hilton HHonors Supervisor Rant About LoyaltyLobby’s Publication Of Targeted Offers


Yesterday, I wrote about the Hilton HHonors “Multi-Brand Stay Challenge” promotion (read more here) for up to 100,000 bonus points for visiting all Hilton brands.


Janetta, a Hilton HHonors supervisor, left the following message on Contact Us:

I have worked for the Hilton HHonors program for 12 years. Do you the one most infuriatingly frustrating aspect of my job is as a Supervisor?

Individuals like the person that runs this page that gives information on a promotion without getting the facts FIRST, which in turn gives their readers (our Members) some sort of liscence to treat my Agents like dirt when they have to give the bad news.

You cannot say “this is a targeted offer” and “access the promo here” in the same sentence.

That is like saying the sun is shining brightly, and it is so dark and gloomy.

Targeted means TARGETED. Did you get an email with an invitation?


please take your frustrations out on this page, and NOT my Agents.

Let me clarify a bit. I think that it is always good to know about all the promotions that are out there, regardless whether you can sign up for them or not.

There are often “targeted” promotions that the agent actually sign you up for and I have certainly done this with Hilton HHonors in the past. It may require few phone calls, however.

When I wrote about this promotion, I had the word “Targeted” on the title. Hilton HHonors has a publicly accessible web page about this promotion, so I really cannot see what is the harm directing people there to learn more about this offer.

Sometimes emails get lost or deleted.

I really don’t see the harm trying to register for a promotion by accessing the website, emailing Hilton HHonors or by calling them. Of course, there is no excuse to treat the person at the other end in a derogatory way, if they are not able to sign you up for it.


Of course, there is no way for me to find out, if this Janette is really a supervisor working for Hilton HHonors, but at least she seems to be very passionate.

Companies must realize that all the information about targeted offers will leak to the open internet. Why not let those non-targeted to sign up as well?

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