Frequent Flier Documentary “Vapaamatkustajat”


Last year, a friend of mine asked me to participate in a documentary about frequent travelers. That documentary was aired yesterday on Finland’s YLE1 TV channel and should be available for streaming without any geographical blocking by clicking this link here.


For the record, I have not seen the documentary or the interviews that were done the with other participants that included Randy Petersen (FlyerTalk founder) and Christopher Elliott (consumer travel advocate).

My parts of the documentary were filmed in Oulu, Finland (December 2012), Hanoi, Vietnam (March 2013) and Tallinn, Estonia (July 2013).

In my interviews, we discussed various travel related matters for hours and I have no idea what ended up making it into the documentary and what ended up on the cutting-room floor.


I had my 15-minutes of fame quite a long time ago and have usually turned down requests such as this, but did this purely as a favor for friend. Normally, I prefer having a modicum of privacy and have no interest of promoting myself.

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