American Airlines New CEO On CNN’s Quest Means Business

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There was a good interview about the recent developments on the American Airlines / US Airways merger on the CNN’s Quest Means Business (access the video here).


Seems that Richard Quest is on assignment, but had a replacement in place.

There is rather long discussion for a TV program about the supposed benefits of the merger (that may or may not happen).


Hate to say this, but the new CEO sounds like a used car salesman.

Haven’t we all heard this before? The fares are not going higher due to the merger (I don’t believe this for a second) and everybody will be better off.

He mentioned that they had done a merger before. Yes. Smaller America West, where Parker was the CEO, swallowed US Airways and kept its brand.

The combined airline was called US Airlines, but was (still is?) operationally managed as US West (the former America West) and US East (the former US Airways). The US West and East crews couldn’t mix and match and each operate specific routes. What a mess!

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