Whine Wednesdays: Non-working Key Cards


You know how it goes? You are tired, cranky and just want to get to the bed. And the key card doesn’t work…. How many times has this happened?


It is quite amazing that the hotel industry hasn’t come up with a solution that would be fool proof and would ensure that the key cards really do work.

Here are the usual reasons for non-working key cards:

– The battery on the lock is dead.

– The card has been magnetized with phone or other device.

– The key card was not correctly issued in the first place.

– The front desk clerk forgot to extend the card until the check out deadline.

– If you had multiple reservations, they were not properly linked.

What I normally do on a situation like this, is to pick up the house phone that is stationed next to the elevator lobby, press zero and ask to speak with the Manager on Duty. They sometime request you to go down, but I a usually persuasive enough to have them to bring me a new key.


This just happened to me with one IHG property last week. Both key cards that I got didn’t actually work on the room that I was assigned.

After some back and forth I was given a new room that didn’t have a working desk chair and the alarm clock was off my hours.

Third room was acceptable, however.

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