Art Series Hotels (Melbourne) Overstay Checkout-Promotion


LoyaltyLobby reader forwarded me a link to an interesting promotion from three Art Series hotels (Melbourne) that are part of GHA (Global Hotel Alliance), although they seem to have their own program as well.


The key of this promo is that you can request a late check out on the day of leaving and, based on the availability, you may not have to check out at all.

This offer is available for stays between December 15, 2013, and January 12, 2014, and you can access it here.

These request are available from 8AM on the day of the guest’s scheduled check out by calling the front desk (hopefully the have adequate staffing manning the phone at that time).

You may get 1PM, 3PM, next day check out or NO late checkout at all, as these are all based on projections and, per the T&C’s, hotel may leave some rooms for late reservations and/or walk in guests.


This is quite clever promotion during the year end mid-Summer period in Melbourne. I have not stayed at these Art Series hotels, but been to Melbourne several times.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

We know no one likes T&Cs but let’s face it, they are just a part of life. We’re not a tricky bunch so never fear, read on and see how easy it is to enjoy an Overstay Checkout! No funny business, we promise. 1. Campaign/Promotion commences on Tuesday December 3 and ends Sunday January 12. 2. To receive an Overstay Checkout, eligible entrants (guests of the hotel) must book and stay at an Art Series Hotel during the promotional period December 15, 2013 and January 12, 2014). 3. Art Series Hotel Group does not guarantee complimentary late checkout hours or room nights to all guests who engage in the campaign. Extra hours and room nights will be allocated by a projection of hotel capacity for the night ahead and on estimated average check in times for our forthcoming hotel guests, served to participants on a first in, best dressed basis. That is, we’ll give away rooms until we are full*, and after that, we’ll offer as many late checkouts as possible pending incoming guest arrivals. * A portion of rooms will remain exempt from the campaign for walk-ins and late bookings. 4. To receive a late checkout, entrants must call reception of the hotel they’re staying in between 8am – 11am, and receive verbal acknowledgment from an Art Series staff member of their late checkout. 5. Guests must checkout at the agreed upon time or at the request of Art Series staff. 6. Guest requests for a late checkout outside the designated campaign call time of 8am-11am will not be eligible. 7. Bookings, overstays and late checkouts are subject to availability and must comply with all ASHG operating procedures.