FCC (US) Considers Lifting In-flight Cell Phone Usage Ban


When I was watching BBC World News last night and later Bloomberg, I couldn’t escape the fact that the FCC in the United States was considering lifting the inflight cell phone usage ban. Here’s the piece on CNN about the issue (access here).


You can already use cell phones on number of airlines (Emirates comes to mind). You connect to a base station on the airplane and the call is charged to your cell phone bill. Cannot remember the minute charges, but I do remember them being rather high.

Are we ready for widespread cell phone usage in-flight?

My personal opinion is big no considering the limited personal space on most flights. Do I really want to listen to someone else’s loud conversations?


This just reminds me of a mishap last week at one hotel club lounge when this lady was “screaming” at a very loud German with someone over the Facetime. When I asked her to take the conversation elsewhere or use headphone, we had a mini “shouting” match.


I am for more connectivity while inflight, but having loud phone conversation will just make the flying experience worse than it already is.