Compensation Clinic: JW Marriott Phuket


A few weeks ago, I quickly needed to find a hotel close to the Phuket airport and decided to book the JW Marriott, a short driving distance away. It did help that I had a 50% off Marriott Thailand voucher from a recent promo (read more here).


JW Marriott is Marriott’s flagship brand (if we don’t consider Ritz-Carltons) and you should expect that everything would run smoothly for a Marriott Rewards Elite member.

As there was some sort of IT breach with Marriott some time ago (read more here) that required quite a few to change their passwords, I made the original reservation without having the Marriott Rewards number attached to it (couldn’t remember the new password), but which was sorted at the time of checking in.

Here are the problems that were encountered during my 15 hour stay:

– Confusion at check in.

– Was told that no breakfast included, although rate was breakfast inclusive (found this out later when I was checking the conformation for the missing stay request).

– Requested late checkout so that I can catch the paid hotel shuttle to Patong, but was told that was not possible.

– Requested to speak with Manager on Duty and the “At Your Service” didn’t understand what a Manager on Duty means/is.

– Was working in the lobby for 45 minutes waiting for the shuttle. Requested that the front desk prepares my bill, so that it would be ready. Was not done.

– Manager decides to waive the transportation charge due the issues at the property.

– Received an updated folio by email with the transportation charge included, but new one about half an hour later with the charges removed.

– The stay failed to post to my Marriott Rewards account (property had the number on file, as it was in the folio that they emailed to me).

Epidemic Number Of Missing International Stays With Marriott Rewards

This has been a huge Marriott pet peeve of mine for a long time to the extend that I, at some point, ended staying at international properties, because half of the stays didn’t post automatically.

Marriott Rewards always requests you to fax/email them the copy of the folio, but wouldn’t that be something that the violating property should do?

Properties have to pay extra for Marriott Rewards every time a rewards member stays and I am confident that some properties try to save by “forgetting” intentionally to post stays.

Marriott’s system for posting points for Rewards members require some clerk at the property daily (or how often they do these) to manually input the folio amounts with rewards numbers to some internal database for processing. Something like this is prone for mistakes and processing errors.

Hilton, Hyatt (used to have problems) and SPG are very good at posting stays from international properties and IHG has an occasional miss that they can always rectify by email or phone.

Compensation Request

Considering that one should be able to expect everything to run smoothly at JW’s, I requested 30,000 Marriott Rewards points for the problems and the missing stay posted. This request was granted,


Marriott Rewards should really start penalizing properties for not posting stays. If they would need to give 5,000 bonus points for every missing stay request, I am 100% sure that the missing stays would be extinct in no time.

Even though I had many small problems with the property, I would not had complained if the property had post the stay correctly.

I had to open a file or contact the property to have them to post the missing stay, so why not ask some points for the inconvenience at the same time?

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