NY Times On Hotel Bathrooms


I couldn’t escape this piece on hotel bathrooms that is up on NY Times website (access here) and should be on the print edition this weekend as well.


It discusses the recent trends in hotel bathrooms and how designers are trying to better use the limited space. Also, the bathtubs seems to be on their way out (I never use them), although this is likely a space issue as well.

The article touches the fact that the bathroom is the most expensive piece to touch during renovations due to plumbing and tiles. This is absolutely the wrong place for hotels to save, however. I hate it, when hotel does a total refurbish, but leaves the bathroom mostly untouched leaving it to a different era.


I had my Whine Wednesday piece about the hotel bathrooms couple of weeks ago (access here) that touched couple of the issues mentioned on the NY Times article.

Sometimes, the bathroom is way oversized, with the bathtub, compared to the overall space of the room at many newly build high end hotels. On the lower end, is the open concept at budget/boutique hotels that I don’t like either.

It is very difficult to get the bathroom right, so that it would satisfy most travelers.

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