Whine Wednesdays: Kids In Executive Lounges


Children in the hotel club lunges is a thorny topic. The other night I was at executive lounge (sometimes also called club lounge) with a screaming kid and saw one TripAdvisor review regarding the issue earlier in the week.


(This photo is from the Club Lounge at the JW Marriott hotel in Dubai.)

Some hotels don’t allow kids in to the executive lounges at all, some do outside of the evening cocktail hours and some hotels allow them in at any time.

There are hotels, especially in the Middle East, that have separate lounge sections for families.

Here’s part of the TripAdvisor review of the Marriott Bangkok Sukhumvit hotel (you can access it here):

We are accompanied by our baby so we inquired if babies were allowed- to which we were told that except from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm, kids could go in any time. But, from the first time when we stepped in the lounge we have been repeatedly asked to take our boy out of the lounge because of his kiddie tantrums (which is normal for any 1 yr old).

The nagging staff has gone to the extent of asking us to eat at another restaurant(trust me, they talk as if they are doing us a favour by ‘allowing’ us to eat at the other restaurant), as if that wasn’t enough- they told us that if we wanted to use the Executive lounge then they would pack us paper bags or my husband and I could take turns to visit the lounge. It is the height of being rude.


I find it amusing that the parent acknowledges that the kid is misbehaving, but still would like to take the kiddo to the lounge without any consideration to other guests.

The lounge is not the right place for children to be around during the cocktail hours and I am glad that some, if not most, lounges restrict the access only to adults during the evening hours.

There are hotels such as Conrad Bangkok allow families to have the complimentary breakfast in the main restaurant instead of the club lounge. Some hotels that have lot’s of families have separate lounge area for kids that, in my opinion, is the best solution.

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