British Airways Club Europe (Business) Seat Pitch Reduced To 30 Inches?


There is an interesting piece on the BusinessTraveller (access here) that claims that British Airways is in the process of ditching 34 inch pitch in Club Europe to same as in Euro Traveller (30 inches).


This would match Lufthansa that has same pitch in business class as in economy. The middle seat would still be kept free in business class.

The British Airways didn’t confirm or deny the development to BusinessTraveller saying that it was too early.


What this Euro airlines are thinking? Why anyone would buy a business class long-haul fare and suffer 2 to 3 hours in cramped business (read economy) seat with business catering?

Wouldn’t the flier be better of by just going via one of the gulf carriers that are vacuuming the traffic from many airports in Europe or choose some other carrier that has proper business class all the way.

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