IHG Rewards Club Promotions Update: All Gone For Now?


The beauty of IHG Rewards Club has been the on going promotions hat you have been able to sign for that have accelerated the number of points that you earn.

Due to the number of overlapping promotions, I prepared IHG Rewards Club Fall 2013 Promotion Guide that you can access here.


If you sign into your account and go to My Promotions, you will be presented with very empty promotions tracking screen.

You can access your IHG Rewards Club account here.

Seem that IHG Rewards Club must be doing some year end cleaning and all the promotions seem to have disappeared for now.


I remember seeing something similar in the past. Some promotions disappeared from My Promotions but keep on “paying” until the expiry date of them.

Most of the onetime bonus offers were to expire on December 31, 2013, but there were many that were supposed to be valid longer.

These may or may not come back. We should learn about them more soon.