Marriott “Ultimate Reservation Guarantee” Compensation Update


Marriott has changed some of its terms and conditions that deal with he “Ultimate Reservation Guarantee” compensation.


The above point compensation was added in addition to the cash one.

It is unclear if these points are in addition or in lieu of the free night certs. I have requested clarification from Marriott regarding this issue.

You can access my piece about Marriott’s “Ultimate Reservation Guarantee” here and Marriott Rewards terms and conditions here.


I have spend more than 500 nights (must be close to 600 now) with Marriott propertied and I have never been able to collect this walking compensation, as elite members are the very last to be walked. I was, however, able to collect the Platinum arrival gift benefit compensation for the first tie earlier this year (access the piece here).

It is difficult for me to believe that one would get $200, two free night certs and up to 140,000 points for being walked, but that is what the current terms and conditions seem to suggest.

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