Iberia Avios 50% Transfer Bonus (Buy Avios At 1 Cent Each)


Iberia Plus is offering 50% bonus on Avios that is transferred between accounts until January 5, 2014.


If you have family members or friends with Iberia Plus accounts, you can essentially buy Avios at 1 cent each. This is far cheaper than “buying” Iberia Plus Avios.


You can access this offer email here and Iberia’s website for buying, gifting and sharing Avios here.


Note that it is cheapest to do the transfers at 6,000 Avios at a time, as the price of doing the transfers in larger denominations is higher per Avios. The price of transferring 6,000 Avios and getting the 3,000 bonus is 30 euros. The price of a new Avios is thus 1 Euro cent each.


There is also a chance of winning some airline tickets for buying or giving 24,000 Avios by December 31, 2013. It is unclear if this applies for sharing of Avios too.


Thanks forLoyaltyLobby reader for forwarding the offer (and explaining it to me as well). This is a good way of buying Iberia Plus Avios and you can later transfer them to Avios Avios (UK scheme) or British Airways Avios.

Here are the short terms and conditions associated with this offer:

Promotion valid until 5 January 2014, only for transfers made via the option available to all Iberia Plus customers. Consult the terms and conditions at Iberia.com, in your Profile, My Promotions. Consult raffle terms and conditions at Iberia.com.