Your 2014 Airline & Hotel Loyalty Program Resolutions?


Now that the year has changed from 2013 to 2014 many of us must have made New Year’s resolutions and some of those may have deal with airline and hotel loyalty programs.


The elite qualifying miles and nights stats have been reset to zero and the conquest to qualify/requalify for the 2015 program year begins.

This would be a good time to reflect the satisfaction that you have or don’t have with the programs that you participate and make hard decisions.

The grass is not always greener on the other side, but you cannot be sure unless you try. Of course, there are switching costs involved and moving from one program to another is not always easy.

People often complain that they are not satisfied with certain airline or hotel brand, but you must act as well.

If you think that that for example United hasn’t earned your loyalty due to all negative program changes in the past 24 months and the forthcoming award chart devaluation, you should rationally (without emotions) analyze the options that you have and then act accordingly. I used United here as an example, but the same applies for all programs that have been “enhanced”.

So, what are you airline and hotel loyalty program resolutions for 2014? Please post them below.


I don’t usually make any New Year’s resolutions, as they are often difficult to keep.

This year, however, I have to consider if it makes sense for me to continue crediting flights on Star Alliance carriers to United’s MileagePlus or if I should dump the flights to Avianca’s LifeMiles or somewhere else

I have lifetime Premier Gold status with United, so Star Alliance Gold status and benefits associated with it are guaranteed as long as United doesn’t “enhance” it away.

Difficult to see much change on the hotel programs that I participate to. Both Marriott and SPG Platinum lifetime status are within reach before the end of this decade and IHG has a lock on me with their generous promotions and Point Breaks (soon on my way to InterContinental Tahiti for a month).

I would love to try more independent hotels, but it is very difficult to forgo the benefits that I have with most of the chain hotels due to the status and I prefer not having to research for hours end hotel options to find the perfect one.

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