IHG Rewards Club Bonus Promotion Update Spring 2014 (Coming)


IHG Rewards Club My Promotions has now been mostly blank for more than a week (read more here) and some, if not most, of the bonus offers that I listed on the IHG Rewards Club Fall 2013 Promotion Guide (access here) are no longer valid.


There are now, however, some new bonus offers around and I will have a post up about them in a week.

Here are the reasons why I don’t post offer codes if I am not sure what they are for:

1. IHG allows you to register for all kind of promotions but it won’t guarantee that anything posts.

2. Plugging in promotional codes that you don’t know what they are for may disqualify you from some future promotions.

3. As long as promotions won’t track on My Promotions, it is very difficult to tell how long they are for.

4. Even when promotional points post but as long as they don’t track on My Promotions, it is very difficult to say what actually worked and what not.


There has been quite a few emails about IHG Rewards Club promotions for 2014. I am asking some patience while we put all these together, as we always do.  It does no good to sign up for offers that you are not sure how they work.

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