Passenger Restrained On Emirates Flight For Smoking


It wasn’t that long ago, when airlines had smoking sections in the back of the plane. It is very bad idea, however, trying to puff away nowadays, as this German passenger found out.


An Emirates flight that was on its way to Brisbane, Australia, from Singapore had one passenger trying to smoke and later became hostile towards the cabin crew according to media reports.

The crew had restrained the passenger by his legs and arms. The gentleman doesn’t seem that comfy being tied up on a business class seat, but it seems the Emirates crew did the right thing in ensuring everyone’s safety.

You can read more about this incident on CourierMail’s website here.


It is very bad idea trying to light-up during a flight. I remember a few years ago someone puffing away with electronic cigars on an Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Toronto in business class, but those must have been banned by now as well.

This German passenger should have used those nicotine patches or gum that is readily available for smokers. This is likely a very expensive lesson.

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