WSJ 2013 US Airline Scorecard


WSJ has teamed up with the News Hub and have produced 2013 Airline Scorecard of the nine major US airlines.


The data that is used to come up with the analysis comes from the DOT reports (12 month to October 2013) and from FlightStats. You can access the WSJ article here.

It doesn’t come as surprise that United is the worst and American is not far behind. American canceled 2% of its scheduled flights in 2013 compared to Delta’s 0.34%. United’s computer woes must be one of the reasons for involuntarily bumping customers more than other airlines.

Overall, it wasn’t good year for the airlines. The delays and cancellation both went up, although the number of flights went down.


This reminded me that I need to file a DOT complaint against United for unprocessed refund for an award ticket that I canceled three weeks ago. I did get refund for the ticketing fee but not for the actual taxes.