Hilton HHonors Status Bar Woes! (What My Status Is Come April 1st?)


Just before the new year , my Hilton HHonors status bar disappeared due to “updating to reflect 2014 program status”-message. I wrote a piece at the time that you can access here.


The status bar has gone through two iterations since that (you can see then above):

First, it returned with the 2013 info indicating that all the stays would have been rolled over to 2014 and would count towards the 2015 status.

Then, few days later, it returned with just one stay with the wording about Diamond qualification for the 2015.

I thought that Hilton must have extended my Diamond status for the 2014 membership year without having to meet the official qualification requirements. Both Hilton and Marriott have done this to me previously.

But email from Hilton’s Diamond desk confirmed that my status from April 1, 2014, onwards would be SILVER VIP.

Per your inquiry, your account will reflect Silver status on April 1, 2014.

You can check your Hilton HHonors status bar developments here.


I am still not 100% sure what my Hilton HHonors status is going to be on April 1, 2014. Hilton usually does extend fast track or other offers to keep the status. I will keep you updated.

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