Whine Wednesdays: Occupied Chairs?


Let me start saying that I am not a resort person. I much prefer city hotels. My ideal beach vacation is in Rio de Janeiro, where both the beach and the city meet.


Now, I managed to find myself in a Tahitian resort and decided to go to sit by the pool and have a look at Moorea. To my surprise, someone had “reserved” a couple of chairs that had a perfect location by leaving couple of books laying on them.

I have read quite a few times about the “battles” that some go through at the resorts, where guests “reserve” the chairs at the sunrise by leaving some stuff on them, but I had never experienced this before.


It is absolutely ridiculous that some guests think that they can reserve chairs by leaving books, towels or some other personal items on them.

I understand that if you need to pick up a drink or get something from you room that you you have your chair when you come back.

But reserving chairs for hours on without using them?

Resorts should have clear rules that all chairs unoccupied for more than 15 minutes are free for all and left items can be picked up from a Lost & Found.

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