Expedia Best Price Guarantee Terms & Conditions Update (January 2014)


Expedia has updated some terms and conditions of its Best Price Guarantee-program that matches lower prices and gives $50 Expedia coupon for qualified claims.


Expedia has made getting Best Price Guarantee more difficult by adding the following requirement:


The Best Price Guarantee does not apply to bookings that are not paid in full at the time of the claim.

So, you can no longer use Best Price Guarantee to match prices that are payable at hotel or pay at pick up for rental cars.


You can access Expedia’s web page for Best Price Guarantee here.

I have filed Best Price Guarantee claims with Expedia few times. You can read about my claims here when Booking.com was lower by 22 cents and here when Orbitz was always $1 to $2 cheaper. One time hotel showed me the confirmation they had received from Expedia (I snapped a photo) that showed their margin (read more here).


Seems that Expedia wants to make it bit more difficult trying to apply for their guarantee. Now you have to make a booking that is paid up front compared to pay later that was acceptable under the old rules.

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