IHG Best Price Guarantee Terms & Conditions Update (January 2014)


IHG has again changed the terms and conditions of its Best Price Guarantee Program effective January 17, 2014.


You can get a free night (or stay if your stay is just a night) by finding a lower rate on a third party site and fulfilling the (sometime onerous) requirement of the guarantee.

You can access IHG’s web page for Best Price Guarantee here.

The following changes were made to the therms and conditions:

At all IHG hotels globally, however, pre-paid rates on non-IHG sites will be compared with the IHG hotel’s lowest available rate on IHG websites.

Previously this was only available for Greater China properties. This means that you can compare third party non-refundable rate for refundable one on IHG’s website IF the refundable rate on IHG’s site is the lowest one.

Previously, you could only compare non-refundable rates on 3rd party sites against non-refundable ones on IHG’s websites outside of Greater China.

All InterContinental Alliance Resort packages are excluded from the Guarantee.

You can only compare rooms/suites without any extra under the guarantee.


Overall, this time the changes made to the Best Price Guarantee are positive. I like the fact that you can now compare non-refundable rate on a third party site to a refundable one on IHG’s websites as long it is the lowest.