IHG Rewards Club Platinum Promotion: 5,000 Bonus Points (Not Sure For What?)


IHG Rewards Club has 5,000 bonus points promotion for “5000 Point Platinum Bonus”.


The “5000 Point Platinum Bonus” promotion has been around for few years and the exact requirements for getting it to post are unclear. 

This promotion has two offer codes and you can register for both of them here and here or use codes 6783 and 8317 here.

Note that this offer is combinable with all the other IHG Rewards Club promotions that you can find here.

As has been the case with many of the promotions this past month, these offers maybe from 2012/2013 with new offer codes and won’t work for all. I am not sure if both of the bonus offers will post.


This “Platinum Bonus” 5,000 bonus points posted to my account in 2012 or 2013, so I am unlikely to get it again. It may require you to qualify for Platinum status (from Gold) or renewing your Platinum status before the bonus points are triggered.