Now Open: American Airlines Introduces Elite Status Boost & Renew (Soft Landings Gone)


American Airlines announced back in November (access here) that they will offer first time in 2014 the ability to boost or renew your Gold, Platinum or Executive status. The elite status soft landings are gone.


You can renew (or buy back) your Gold status for $649 and Platinum one for $1,199. The renew options doesn’t apply for Executive Platinum accounts.

You can access AA’s web page for this offer here.


Boosting means that you can buy elite qualifying miles/points or segments to reach Gold, Platinum or Executive Platinum status. You can buy up to 5,000 miles or 5 segments to reach Gold or 10,000 miles or 10 segments to reach either Platinum or Executive Platinum status.




You can use the boost or renew option from now until May 31, 2014. AA promises to update the account within 5 days to reflect the transaction in case of status upgrades or March 1st.


This is a smart move from AA’s part. United has been selling premier qualifying miles year long. US Airways allows one to purchase the status level they prefer up front and Delta usually has a year end promotion allowing one to buy up to 10,000 MQM’s.

By not doing this earlier, AA has simply left money on the table. The downside is that the elite soft landings are most certainly gone.

This certainly helps those that wish to retain their status (Gold or Platinum) or are within 5,000 to 10,000 miles of reaching/renewing Gold/Platinum/Executive Platinum status and are not eager to fly an extra trip or two.

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