Would You Stay Or Leave? Can Hotel Internet Get Any Worse? Case: Ibis Slipi


Yesterday, I came across what must be the worst hotel Internet connection that I have had for a while.


I checked into the Ibis Slipi, Accor’s select service brand that should be at the same level with IHG’s Holiday Inn Express, in Jakarta and left 45 minutes later to the Grand Hyatt.

Of those 45 minutes, I spent 30 minutes waiting for the hotel to bring me a wireless router that might have helped a bit, although I doubt it, and the other 15 minutes trying to get the booking done for the Grand Hyatt.

Yes. I know. Ibis is a select service brand. There is no excuse however, for having an internet connection this bad.

The ping to a local server here in Jakarta was in excess of 300 milliseconds and the up/down bandwidth was equally horrible. For those not technically inclined, the Speed Test revealed a connection that was about equal to a 56K dial-up modem…. acceptable in 1996, but certainly not today.

Trying to open just normal web pages was impossible, as they were timing out most of the time.


I was trying to get hold of the GM, who is giving lip service to all those that complaint about the hotel on TripAdvisor, but after being transferred three times, I ended up with a dead telephone line. Perhaps the telecom infrastructure of this property needs to be examined.

At that point, I knew that the only solution was to book another hotel and just leave. I have a very high data allowance on my prepaid Telkomsel plan, but getting data through and tethering during business hours is practically impossible.

How do hoteliers think that they could getaway by offering such a bad internet connectivity at their hotel is beyond my understanding?

And yes. The internet worked just fine at the Grand Hyatt, as it always has, and cannot complaint about the service levels here at the JW either (7 MBPS up/down).

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