Whine Wednesdays: Hotel Alarm Clocks


Hotels have been able to standardize quite a few things, but beyond some Hilton hotels, the alarm clocks by the bed are still a huge mess.


Again yesterday, I had a problem with an alarm clock and this time at the Grand Hyatt Jakarta. The clock seemed to be on, but apparently it was either broken or the battery was about to run out, as it wasn’t moving at all. I realized this at 8AM…..

How many times do these clocks go off at weird hours, because housekeeping didn’t take their time to reset them?

This happened to me last a couple of weeks ago at the InterContinental Thalasso in Bora Bora. I was just slapping the clock and trying to find a way to unplug it. At the end, I had to take my time to study the options to turn it off.

One friend of mine went to the extent of hurling the alarm clock half-way across the room in frustration while on a stay at a Crowne Plaza in Dubai. Seems the youngsters of the family who previously stayed in the room thought it to be a good joke to set the alarm for 3AM with radio volume at full. If you’re wondering, the clock was unscathed.


I rarely rely on the bedside alarm clocks that often are very difficult to operate, as there is no standard (beyond some Hilton ones). I just wish that the housekeeping staff would always ensure that the alarm has been set off when the guest checks out. They tend to go off at weird hours when you are sound asleep.