US Airways “Buy Up To Preferred” Program Changes On March 1, 2014 (Max Buy Up 25K EQM)

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US Airways has had very interesting Buy Up To Preferred program that I have written previously few times (access October piece here). It has allowed and still does for a week to buy up your way to even the highest status (Chairman’s) that Dividend Miles offers for cash.


Now, this is coming to an end on March 1, 2014. You can still buy up but only up to 24,999 elite qualifying miles or 29 elite qualifying segments. The price is going up a lot too.

You can access US Airways web page for Trial Preferred program here.


On March 1, 2014, you can only buy up to 24,999 EQM’s (Silver basically) for $2,499. You can still buy up to Platinum status (74,999) for the same amount of cash (+1 EQM from a flight).


All good come to an end and the merger with American Airlines will put this program to rest in about weeks time. This program has allowed one to buy the EQM’s or segments required for the status level they wish to have with US.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

Price includes federal excise tax of 7.5%. Between January and May, pricing is determined by your current or previous year’s Preferred-qualifying activity, whichever is greater.

Preferred status purchased through the ‘Buy up to Preferred’ program is only valid in the Dividend Miles program through February 28, 2015. Associated First Class upgrade benefits are based on availability and only available on US Airways and US Airways Express-operated flights.

Preferred status purchased through the ‘Buy up to Preferred’ program is non-refundable, and purchase does not earn you Preferred-qualifying miles or Preferred-qualifying segments. Program is subject to all Dividend Miles terms and conditions.

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