Is Hyatt Ever Planning To Fix Their Website?


United’s old website was often referred as United.bomb, but it was never as often down as Hyatt’s website has continuously been over the years.


Earlier this week, Hyatt’s website was under “scheduled” maintenance for several hours (yet again) during the US business day. No company does “scheduled” maintenance midday.

Last fall, I wrote about an instance where was showing totally unrelated member’s account and Gold Passport information including reservations (read more here).

Seems that Hyatt’s IT (if they have one) is so incompetent that they are not even able to put up a proper maintenance web page, when they are doing a fresh install on their servers.

And you are supposed to trust your credit card and other info with this company?


On many occasions, I have ended up booking a hotel from other chain due to Hyatt’s website being down. I often make same day reservations for arrival in less than an hour and I would never call hotel reservations, when other chains are having stable platforms for making hotel bookings.

And this incompetence with Hyatt’s website has now continued for as long as I can remember. Wouldn’t it be time for Hyatt to have a serious look at their IT department and fix this once and for all?

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