Virgin America Elevate Buy Points Up To 60% Bonus (By March 14, 2014)


Virgin America has a new promotion for buying Elevate points and getting up to 60% bonus. This offer is valid for purchases made until march 14, 2014.


You an buy up to 20K Virgin America Elevate points per year. Under this offer those 20,000 points are upped to 32,000 points (if you buy the maximum). 

You can access this offer on Virgin America’s website here.


The bonus percentage is dependent of the number of points you purchase per the schedule above.


The price of 32.000 Elevate points (20K *1.5) is $1040. The price of a point purchased under this offer is 3.25 cents each.

Buying Elevate points to use them on Virgin America flights makes absolutely no sense at all. All the awards are priced dynamically and the maximum value that is attached to the point is capped at 2.15 cents each.

Now, however, you can also use Virgin America Elevate points for flights with Singapore Airlines and on Emirates as well. I wrote about the partnership with Singapore airlines and you can access the article here.

There are some deals for Singapore Airlines flights that may make buying Elevate points worthwhile for you. I must check the redemption options for Emitates and will cover them on separate article.

You can use Virgin America’s partner award calculator for Singapore Airlines and Emirates to calculate the number of points required for various routes.


Buying Elevate points for using them on Virgin America is a lose lose proposition. If you buy them to use them for flights on Singapore Airlines (and maybe on Emirates as well), the value proposition could be there. Just make sure that you have use for the Singapore flights first and that the award space exists.

Here are the very short terms and conditions of this offer:

Please allow up to 72 hours for your points to post. Price includes all applicable charges. GST/HST will be charged to Canadian Residents. Members can purchase a maximum of 20,000 Elevate points in their individual account per calendar year including bonus points.