Expedia Elite Plus Status (On The Cheap)


Expedia has its own rewards program that has been greatly devalued over the years to the point that I could almost care less. I do, however, like using Expedia for airline ticketing (even without the rewards).


If problems arise, it is very difficult to get proper customer service from Expedia’s Tier 1 and 2 agents (based in India). They are very nice, but everything takes a very long time and I have not been fully convinced that they actually know a lot or would be empowered to do much.

You can access Expedia’s  Rewards program web page here.


Expedia Rewards Elite Plus status comes with priority customer service that should be from US based agents (haven’t tried this yet). I have, however, on couple of occasions dealt with Expedia’s Tier 3 customer support that is also based in Las Vegas (702 area code).


I had bought some hotel nights on Expedia in 2013 and needed 6 more to qualify for the status. The good thing is that Expedia even has some hostels available for booking and the nights qualify for the 15 required to get the Elite Plus.

As I happened to be in Phuket, I booked the cheapest hostel for 6 nights ($9 per night) and used one Best Price Guarantee coupon to bring the price even lower. I walked to the hostel from the hotel that I was staying at, checked in and left. The stay posted to my account and soon I was Elite Plus member.


Sometimes you have to pay to get adequate customer service. I hope that the $20 I paid to have access to Expedia’s Elite Plus agents is well spend.

Seems that I am on a good track to qualify for the 15 nights required for the Elite Plus status during the first 6 months of this year due to the good Best Rate Guarantee program That Expedia has.

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