US Airways Gifts Dividend Miles Silver Status?


A LoyaltyLobby reader forwarded me an email received from US Airways granting him Dividend Miles Silver status for the 2014 membership year.


The only problem is that the reader hadn’t flown US Airways at all. What gives?

Seems that US Airways has sent out some complimentary Silver statuses for members that they deem are good candidates for flying the airline.

The OP has maybe bought/shared some Dividend Miles during the sales and used the miles for award tickets or maybe he has credited some partner activity to the program. Having a US Airways affiliated credit card could also have something to do with it.

Apparently, the reader is not the only one that got the Silver status free from US Airways, as there is a thread about it n FlyerTalk too (access here).


It does make sense for US Airways to grant the Silver status for Dividend Miles members that have had program activity, but who haven’t flown the airline to try wooing their business. If they don’t change their habits, it won’t affect those that have earned the status hard way.

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