US Airways Dividend Miles Oneworld Alliance Status Mapping


US Airways is exiting Star Alliance on March 30, 2014, and joining the Oneworld Alliance as an affiliate on the following day March 31. Dividend Miles Preferred members will receive Oneworld Alliance Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald benefits starting on March 31.


The airline has now sent emails to Preferred members telling their Oneworld Alliance status and there are no surprises.

US Airways Silver maps to Oneworld Ruby, Gold and Platinum will both map to Sapphire, and Chairman’s maps to Emerald.

Here are the Oneworld Alliance benefits:



American Airlines currently has only three tiers on its AAdvantage program:

Gold at 25,000 miles or points (Oneworld Ruby)

Platinum at 50,000 miles or points (Oneworld Sapphire)

Executive Platinum at 100,000 miles or points. (Oneworld Emerald)

There is no midstatus on AA’s program for flying for 75,000 that would be the US Airways’ Platinum status.


We are slowly receiving information about the US Airways integration to Oneworld Alliance that reminds me that I should get my last Star Alliance redemptions using Dividend Miles done rather sooner than later (deadline March 30).

It is interesting to see, whether American Airlines will keep its current AAdvantage elite status hierarchy or if they decide to launch a new status level for the 75,000 miles/point flyer.

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