Whine Wednesdays: Pigs In The Hotel Club Lounges


It never ceases to amaze me what is going on in hotel executive/club lounges and often in the airlines ones as well.


I am not sure if people have lost the sense of what is acceptable behaviour and what is not? Checking into a hotel doesn’t mean that you should check out your brain.

Again today, I saw one person who was picking up scones and muffins with his bare hands when food tongs were clearly present. Last week, I saw one older white “gentleman” going through toast bread and touching a few to find out which was most suitable for him.

And I always remember seeing this one lady going though warm pastries in the Thai Airways lounge in Bangkok. Touching them with her bare hands and then just putting them back on the warm glass display.

But by far the best incident was at the Crowne Plaza in Dubai. I saw a local gentleman pick-up a muffin with his bare hands, savour the aroma under his nose and a few seconds later place it back on the tray. This despite signage that said to the effect of “Please use the supplied tongs”, obviously it must happen often there.


I am certainly NOT Mr. Manners, but I try to take my fellow travelers into account when I am in a hotel or airline lounge. It is just disgusting when you see people touching food items with their bare hands and often just putting them back on the display.

You could understand if small children would be doing this, but often these are people in their 40’s and 50’s. Can they have advanced dementia already at that age?

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