Turkish Airlines “Enhances” Miles&Smiles Program (Details Unclear)


Turkish Airlines issued a press release that is very light in details and high in verbose about upcoming changes to its Miles&Smiles program “Soon, a new era will begin at Miles&Smiles – and novelties will come with it”.

Drop me an email or leave a message below if you happen to find the new award and earning charts.


Here are he changes that I was able to figure out so far:

– One award chart that will cover both Turkish Airlines and Star Alliance flights

– You can mix and match cabins on return award tickets

– The number of miles required for companion award ticket goes up from 50% to 70%

– No high/low season for guaranteed seat awards

– Miles earned on TK will depend of the booking class

– Promotional fares will also earn miles

You can access Turkish Airlines press room for the release here.

When you try to access award charts on TK’s English websites, you only receive 404 message:


Turkish sent out the following email:


Here’s the press release:

Miles Spending:

  • Turkish Airlines is flourishing as an airline that flies to more countries of the globe than any other airline. Accordingly, the regional structure of Miles&Smiles  award tickets has been revamped by taking into account geographical conditions.
  • With new additions being made to our fleet of planes each day, we are now allocating an increased number of seats on each flight to Capacity Controlled Award Tickets in order to improve the level of satisfaction of our esteemed members.
  • We are doing away with the low/high season discrepancy on Seat-Guaranteed Award Tickets. Therefore, we are providing the opportunity to accrue award tickets with the same number of Miles all year round.
  • From now on, by using 50 percent of the Miles required for an award ticket, you will be able to arrange the following: an award ticket in the Economy cabin for a departing flight, a  Business  class ticket on a return flight, a Capacity Controlled Award Ticket on a departing flight, or a Seat-Guaranteed Award Ticket on a return flight.
  • You will now be able to use a single table to easily arrange Capacity Controlled Award Tickets on both Turkish Airlines and Star Alliance  member flights.
  • Passengers who enjoy traveling with a companion can obtain an Award Ticket for the accompanying passenger using only 70 percent of the required Miles, provided that the first ticket purchased qualifies to accrue additional Miles.

Earning Miles:

  • Dear Members: up until now, you were earning Miles  based  on the cabin of the ticket (i.e. Economy or Business).According to the  New Miles&Smiles  program, you will now earn Miles  based  on booking classes.
  • According to the New Miles&Smiles program, 600 Status Miles will be credited to your account as standard Miles regardless of distance, particularly on domestic flights. For short-distance flights, a standard minimum of 1,000 Miles will be credited to your account, as opposed to 500 miles. Additionally, you will earn less Status Miles on lower promotional classes and more on higher ones.
  • You can now earn Miles from  promotional  tickets as well.
  • Just like Elite and Elite Plus members, Classic Plus members will also be able earn more miles on international flights when they fly Comfort or Business Class

Upgrade :

  • The New Miles&Smiles  program will give you the chance to turn your travel into a wonderful experience by letting you upgrade  your cabin based on a fixed number of Miles for the region, regardless of the class of the paid ticket.


It would have been nice for Turkish Airlines to set a date when these new award and earnings charts will take effect. I would assume that the date is March 1, 2014. Also, the airline has not yet issued the new earning and award charts.

I would assume that the number of miles required for award tickets will go up, as is usually the case with these program “enhancements”.

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