The Economist: The Worlds Most Expensive Cities To Live (And Likely To Travel As Well)


The Economist had their EIU’s (Economist Intelligence Unit) cost of living around the world as the daily chart. I believe that these must be the most expensive cities to travel as well.

The Economist Cost Of Living Index Cover

The comparison is done by using an index that is weighted average of 160 products and services. The New York is set to 100 to provide a base to compare all cities.

You can access this on the Economist website here and download partial report on EIU’s website here.

The Economist Cost Of Living Index

The Caracas is only on this list IF you use the official exchange rate to convert dollars to bolivars or vice versa. The real (read black market) exchange rate is only one tenth of this.

The Economist Cost Of Living Index Lowest

Not sure if I would like to live at any of the 10 cheapest cities, although Bucharest is not that bad.


It is always good to bear in mind the expenses associated with staying at certain cities. I have to say that I used to go quite often to Singapore, but nowadays the hotels have become sooo expensive that I just rather do a fly over.

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