Compensation Clinic: Marriott Guam In Disrepair


This week, Compensation Clinic re-pays a visit to the lovely island of Guam. This island in Micronesia is host to beautiful beaches and unfortunately plenty of sub-standard properties. It is very popular among Japanese tourists for quick weekend getaways due to short the flying time from Japan.

Compensation Clinic Guam Marriott

A LoyaltyLobby reader had an unsatisfactory stay at the Marriott Guam that is losing its Marriott flag in about a months time. The property is being de-flagged or maybe it will be joining some other chain at a lower perceived brand level.

You can access Marriott Guam’s web page here.

The reader sent the following complaint that he had sent off to Marriott after his stay:

In short, due to the overall condition of the hotel and the room itself, I was rather displeased with the stay and fail to see how this even qualifies as a Marriott hotel!  This stay was my last day as a Platinum member, so I would hate to see what a non MR member would receive. Issues were:


– Hotel had large industrial fans in lobby and small desk fans at the Front Desk (very motel like).  Not sure if their AC is broken or it is attempt to save money.  Was like checking in at a wind tunnel.


– door lock in poor shape, paint peeling on doors
– furniture in rough shape or poor state of repair
– air conditioning in room only blew warm air
– children’s pen scribbles on wall
– two dried “mystery stains” on the sofa
– bathroom seriously outdated
– “gold sink” so worn out it was silver, looks to be about 30 years old
– other bathroom hardware antiquated or well beyond it’s lifetime
– shower constantly dripping (I did not even use it, I waited to shower at my next hotel)

Additionally I did have to wait an hour for the suite to be prepared, despite checking in at approximately 4PM and having had made the reservation over a week earlier.  The rest of the staff were excellent, but in speaking with the they even seemed to be frustrated about the hotel.

In short, had the island not been sold out due to military exercises in the area I most certainly would have canceled my check-in and moved to another property.

As this property is in such a state of disrepair and what I feel is unworthy of the Marriott name, I would request a full refund of the 15,000 points that I spent to stay at the Marriott Guam.  Even if the hotel offered a free night, I probably would not stay!

Golden (?) Sink

Marriott Guam Sink 2

AC Control

Marriott Guam AC

Key Card Reader

Marriott Guam Key Card

Soap Holder

Marriott Guam Sink

“Suspect” Stains on Sofa

Marriott Guam Stains On The Sofa

Paint Falling Off

Marriott Guam Door


Marriott Guam Lobby

And here is the reply from the property:

Hafa adai and warm greetings from the Guam Marriott Resort & Spa. On behalf of our General Manager, Roy Abraham, thank you for your recent email to Marriott Customer Care.

I assure you that we take your concerns seriously and that we do care about your experience with us. Your concerns have been shared at all levels including our corporate office.

We are embarking on a full renovation and are trying to make the best of what is left of our product. We apologize that you experiences its deteriorating state prior to the completion of our renovation. We realize that the property is not up to standard to other Marriott properties worldwide, but we are confident that once the renovation is complete, we will be able to compete with the best of them. We apologize again for your dissatisfaction and we hope that your last visit does not deter you from other Marriott hotels.

20,000 Marriott Rewards points has been returned to your account. This can be verified online within 3 to 4 days.

Seems that the property doesn’t even question the shady state that the Marriott Guam currently is in.


It is always sad to see the hotels leaving a chain. But if the owners are not willing to put up the cash to renovate the property, that is the only way. When you choose any of the international chains, you buy the quality standard associated with the brand as well. Obviously, Marriott Guam is in dire condition.

I am glad that the reader was able to solve the compensation issue to his satisfaction. Remember to always take photos of the quality issues as photos often are worth more than a thousand words.

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