FlyerTalk 2014 Awards Released

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Past week saw the release of the third annual FlyerTalk awards. Only the members of the FlyerTalk travel community were eligible to vote. The organizer has communicated that the number of voters were in the “thousands”.

FlyerTalk Awards 2014

You were able to vote for the winners in airline, hotel or car rental programs that were further geographically divided to Americas, Europe/Africa, and Middle East/Asia/Oceania.

You can access the results page on FlyerTalk here.

I have only included the hotel programs here on LoyaltyLobby, but you can access the airline and car rental winners on the FlyerTalk link above


FlyerTalk Awards 2014 Hotels Americas

No surprises here besides the fact that people really don’t seem to like Wyndham’s program


FlyerTalk Awards 2014 Hotels Europe Africa

Club Carlson is on the 4th place in Europe that is the chains stronghold.

Middle East/Asia/Oceania

FlyerTalk Awards 2014 Hotels Europe Middle East Asia Oceania

It would be interesting to see the “% votes in the category” for JetAirways and Taj’s programs. Both were nowhere near the top in 2013. I would imagine that there must have been some vote rigging going on as Taj was 11th in 2013 and Jet Airways 16th.


The problem I have with the numerous industry awards that hotel and airline programs participate yearly is that they are mainly driven by name recognition and getting the most satisfied members to vote.

There are very few people that can objectively compare the relative benefits of, as an example, Starwood Preferred Guest and Marriott Rewards. Unless you have had hundreds of nights with each of the chains, how could you compare the benefits of Marriott and SPG Platinum statuses?

The number of people voting in some of categories must have been really really low and getting employees to sign up and vote may have skewed the results in the Middle East, Asia and Oceania. I really cannot believe that Jet and Taj would have won the vote otherwise.

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