UPDATE: IHG Rewards Club Promotion: “1,000 Bonus Points For 60 Days” Offer (2014) NOW POSTING CORRECTLY


Back in February 13, I wrote (access here) about new IHG Rewards Club offer of 1,000 bonus points per stay for 60 days after registering for it. The only problem was that the bonus points posted only for one stay and not for all the stays within the promotional offer period.

IHG Rewards Club Promotion 5000

I can now confirm, however, that IHG Rewards Club has fixed the offer and you can again earn the 1,000 bonus points unlimited time during the offer period. There is a separate (read more here) offer for 1,000 bonus points for 60 days, but it is not tracking on “My Offer Status” and I took advantage of it in 2013, so it didn’t post to my recent stay. It is likely that it has been fixed as well.

Here are the registration links:

You can sign up for the 2014 version here or use the promotion code 5000 on here.

You can sign up for the 2013 version here or use the promotion code 6636 on here.

You can read more about IHG Rewards Club Spring 2014 promotions on the guide that I wrote:

IHG Rewards Club Spring 2014 Promotion Guide


Let’s hope that IHG Rewards Club soon introduces more bonus offers that are new to 2014 instead of leftovers from 2013, so that all of us could register for them.

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